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Cast of the Victory Stela of Piye located at the British Museum in London. Image courtesy of the British Museum.[1]

The Victory Stela of Piye is a stela recounting the attack and subsequent victory that the Nubian pharaoh Piye led against the coalition of Tefnakht. It was discovered at Gebel Barkal in 1862 at the Nubian capital of Napata. It is believed that the stela was a way to not only commemorate his achievements, but also to present Piye as a true Egyptian and the Libyans in the delta as "debased".[2]

Places and People Mentioned[]

Many people are listed on the Victory Stela showcasing those that Piye defeated throughout Egypt. The counts and kings of Lower Egypt listed are:


Sites mentioned in the Piye Stela. Courtesy of Kelly Simpson[2]

The places mentioned in the stela include:


The nomarch of Wenet during this time, Nimlot, initially allied himself with Piye however he would go on to join a coalition led by Tefnakht to halt Piye's invasion in Upper and Middle Egypt. This betrayal would not go unnoticed by Piye as is seen in his attack on and treatment of Nimlot in the stela. Piye wrote that he told his men to "Proceed in battle formation, engage in combat, encircle and beleaguer it! Capture its people, its herds, its ships upon the river! Do not allow the cultivators to go forth to the fields! Do not allow the plowmen to plow! Beleaguer the frontier of the Hare nome; fight against it every day!". In the stela, Nimlot is seen in a reversed role with his queen, Nestjenet, as "she occupies the male position at the head of the register. Following afterword, N[i]mlot adopts the standard position and gesture of a queen with raised sistrum, and, like a mere servant, he leads a horse on a tether".[2]