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Nome of Egypt
Region Upper Egypt
Capital Thebes
Other sites Theban Necropolis, Hermonthis,
Pathyris, Kerameia, Crocodilopolis,
Pisais, Agorai, Pentakomia
Main deities Amun

Waset ("Was-Sceptre") was the fourth nome of Upper Egypt. The capital city of Waset was the city of the same name, better known under its Greek name Thebes. During the New Kingdom, Thebes became the capital of the entire country and subsequently the Amun priesthood situated there rose to spiritual and political dominance in the country.


The following nomarchs of Waset are known:

9th and 10th Dynasties[]

Twenty-fourth Dynasty[]

Twenty-fifth Dynasty[]

  • Kelbasken, under Piye. ca. 725 BC.
  • Wedjahor, perhaps under Piye. ca. 720 BC.
  • Khaemhor A, under Piye. ca. 715 BC.
  • Nesptah A, under Shabataka. ca. 710 BC.
  • Raemmaatkheru, perhaps under Shabaka. ca. 705 BC.
  • Mentuemhat, under Taharqa and Psamtik I. ca. 700-650 BC.
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